I've fallen for...

27.12.09 - 12:40
... an Angelic Pretty item.

They have this star shaped bag at the moment and I want one!

What is happening to me? It's so tacky and 80's and way too expensive.

It has inspired me to have another go at making a handbag though. I was going to try something like a heart shaped one, but maybe I'll try a star instead.

Also I got a couple of nice books for Christmas that I'd like to tell you about.

I'm lucky to have a few days off now until I have to go back to work so I might even have time to do both.



Merry Christmas!

25.12.09 - 08:29
Every year I say that I am going to make a Christmas dress. Guess what? No Christmas dress AGAIN! I am starting to think I will need to begin making it in June if I want to get it done...

Hope everyone has a lovely time!!



It's nearly Christmas

21.12.09 - 22:03
I love Christmas time. And not just the big day. I love shopping for presents and making Christmas-y things and watching Christmas songs on VH1.

I've tried something new this year - edible tree decorations. I used Nigella's recipe from her Christmas book (recipe also available here) to make these sort-of-gingerbread biscuits.

Next time I think I'll use a lot less pepper than she suggests. They still taste nice but, yes, peppery. I tried a few different cutters like hearts and bells but the tree shaped ones came out best. I really like their traditional look, especially with the red ribbons.

I was going to make cards again too but I didn't have time as I was designing engagement announcements. *giant grin* That's right my man and I got engaged!



And the winner is...

1.12.09 - 19:08
Today is the first of December - giveaway day!
Lets get straight to it. I went to random.org to pick a random number and the winner is:


I'll be getting in touch soon to find out what size you'd like and to get your address :) I hope you'll show us if you do make yourself a coat.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Sorry there could only be one winner this time.

Also a few people asked about buying patterns - I'm working on this - hopefully I might have something sorted out after Christmas. I'd like to finally open my Etsy shop but I need a little time to draft some different sizes first.