Jam books

18.8.13 - 19:00
I love paper.

I love it as a crafter, as a graphic designer and as someone who buys lots of notebooks and stationery.
For a long long time now I've been threatening to open a little online shop to sell some of my designs. Maybe.

I'm mainly planning on making paper products, and possibly some digital things you can print out at home.

This is my first 'product', I'm still perfecting it, but this is the first one I've been happy with. It's a small notebook/sketchbook with different papers inside. I call it a Jam book because you can just jam stuff in them. But also it helps 'preserve' your ideas. Get it? Preserve? Well I thought it was funny.

I really like notebooks with dots or squares instead of lines so I've made one like that. And I like books that have different pages in the same book, so I've tried that too.

I'll let you know if I ever get to, you know, actually putting them in a shop.



Project Life

4.8.13 - 14:30
Way back in the spring I ordered some Project Life supplies. When I ordered it was quite difficult to get in the UK and only one place was importing them. Since then Becky Higgins has partnered with American Crafts so the distribution is way better and you can buy it all over.

I pre-ordered the Midnight edition 'core kit' and a huge 12x12in binder. I won't lie, I was a little disappointed when it arrived. The cards are more like paper, some of the pockets were too small to fit cards in and there were even typos in the printed materials! The company I ordered with did send me replacement pocket pages which was good, but so many people were talking about, I thought it would be top quality. 

I decided to start using it anyway. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, I was just expecting something a bit different. It's odd when you don't see things before you order them. You get an idea in your head of what it will be like. Especially when they seem really expensive.

It's actually a good system. I like how it looks and the flexibility. I get that the cards have to be thin or you wouldn't be able to lift the album. 

And I love the yellow.

Here are a some of my recent 'spreads'. I just fill as many pockets as I like rather than filling two pages per week. Sometimes I do lots and sometimes not so much, but there is always food.

Now I am concerned that if I keep going I'll fill this album, and then what? If I fill one every six months, where would I put them?