Adventures in Lomography

27.3.10 - 15:07
I've been getting more into photography recently so I started looking at some fun ways of taking pictures without getting into the expensive realm of digital SLRs. First I looked at Polaroid cameras - although Polaroid have stopped making instant film (I think they'll be back!) Fuji still make cameras and 'Instax' film. This is how I came across the PoGo printer. Its a tiny device that prints wallet sized stickers straight from your digital camera or phone! (its been out for a while but it has come down in price a lot recently.)

Then I began looking at film cameras. I was charmed by Lomo photographs I saw on people's blogs and on Flickr. Lomography uses cheap old Russian film cameras (or reproductions of them) to make images which are creative and experimental.

I now have a Smena Symbol (in the picture). I loaded it up with some colour film and went out to take some pictures around where I live and work. I'm really pleased with how they came out:



High street finds: bow ring

14.3.10 - 21:44
I've been trying to save some money recently so I've not been hitting the shops as frequently as I'd like. However, last weekend I was shopping with a girl friend and spotted this little beauty at Accessorize. It didn't break the bank at £3 and I've worn it twice so far without it breaking itself.

There's also a black version which they call the 'Mega Bow' and for good reason. I tried it on and it pretty much covered three of my fingers!



When buttons are biscuits

2.3.10 - 13:00
Due to my current minor obsession with button shaped things, I made some button biscuits! I must admit that I was rather inspired by a post at Forty-sixth at Grace. Her un-baked cookies look so lovely in pastel colours.

Mine are not such a pretty shade but tasted pretty good. Not too sweet (a nice change after the fudge incident) more like a shortbread biscuit. I had to add some extra flour as the mixture was a little sticky and it really does help if you refrigerate it for the times suggested. I am very impatient and tend to stick things in the freezer for 5 minutes and hope for the best. I used a skewer to do the holes in the middle.

Even the recipe is cute! It can be downloaded via Forty-sixth at Grace as a beautifully illustrated page by Eva Juiliet.