GLS Desktop

30.1.09 - 17:51
I got a new toy this week. A little 10inch netbook. So I decided to make a quick desktop image for it. The resolution is 1024x600.
Its made from one of the photos I took when I was first making the header for Gothic Lolita Sewing. I think its quite cute!



Making Macarons - attempt 1

25.1.09 - 11:24
So I had a go at making some Macarons. After a bit of research I decided on a recipe from Serious Eats, and these are the results.

I'm not sure they're quite there yet. The tops turned out a bit domed and cracked and the ruffley bit around the bottom isn't very defined. I think maybe the oven was too hot? There seems to be a lot of factors which can affect how they turn out, like how dry the egg whites are. I tried the method where you microwave the eggs for 10sec instead of leaving them out all night. Maybe I'll try aged eggs next time.
Anyway, I think they are not too bad for a first attempt. They taste nice - slightly chewy and very very sweet, but I'm not sure what they're meant to taste like so I can't really make a comparison!



...speaking of baking

22.1.09 - 21:47
There seems to be a thing with the 'lolita community' and Macarons. Now I've heard of Macaroons - as in coconut macaroons, but never really the french Macaroon. Anyway, they do look pretty so I thought I'd look up a recipe. They are mainly made from meringue and ground almonds with different flavours and colours added to the macaroon and the cream in the middle. I might give it a try.

pic from www.cookboutic.fr



Baking and cupcakes and things

18.1.09 - 18:41

I'm in a bit of a baking phase at the moment, I watched all together waaay too many episodes of Ace of Cakes and got Rachel Allen's Bake book for christmas and now I now I think I'm some kind of master. So here are a couple of nice cupcakey blogs I've been looking at:

Pokedot Cupcakes
Cupcake Blog
Crumbs and Doilies blog

Also I was briefly in London over Christmas and I went past Candy Cakes (sorry the picture is a bit dark I took it with my phone) and it looked super delicious but I didn't have time to go in! I'd like to go to London and try out some of these little shops that are popping up all over.
It would be nice to do a UK review like the one in the English GLB vol.4.



Commercial patterns that could work for lolita

11.1.09 - 11:28
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, I was definately ready for a holiday! Santa did bring me a couple of nice patterns this year which I am looking forward to making a start on.

The first one is this blouse collection
New Look 6732 - I've put up the line art image as I think it gives a better idea of the shapes. But I think that blouse E could be a good base for a lolita blouse. I might add a bit of a ruffle around the collar to extend it a little.
The second pattern is this little jacket - New Look 6564
This could look quite smart with a classic co-ordinate. I think pattern F might work well with a pirate/military look. Plus you get a cute camisole pattern too.
I've not tried making it yet so I'm not sure what kind of alterations it might need.

Now this is one that I don't own myself but I thought might be useful for some one
Simplicity 4282

The photos on the front of the envelope are kinda hideous but I think some of the shapes could be useful if you wanted to do an apron or something more like a bustle over-skirt.
With a bit of creative thinking I bet you could make something like an apron that you could wear over a plain dress to jazz it up a bit and maybe keep a bit warmer in winter?