A rare visit to the flea market

11.7.13 - 22:34
There are lots of blogs about vintage 'finds' these days. People seem to find all kinds of great things at markets and fairs which are stacked with stunning stuff.

There is a flea market in my town every week on a Thursday. Not one of those cool, hipster, look at all the great vintage stuff, type flea markets. Just the type where people sell old stuff on market stalls. I used to go quite regularly when I was younger. There was a stall just selling old buttons off uniforms. Once I bought some shockingly awful furry green curtains... but that's another story. 

Since I now have to travel a bit further for my job, I can't even visit on a lunchtime so it's rare that I get to have a trawl round the stalls. Today I happened to be off work and in town so I couldn't resist having a look. 

Check out what I found. It's a double-decker test tube rack. I'm not sure it's particularly old or anything. Maybe it's from a chemistry set? It has three rows of glass test tubes, two on the front and one on the back. The row on the back are all different shapes and stored upside down. 

I cleaned it up a bit and put a single rose in each tube. It would probably be nicer with some more delicate looking flowers, but roses were available, so I tried them first. Pretty, no?