Biscuiteers - the real thing

15.8.11 - 22:28

Remember a while a go I was all excited about the Biscuiteers book? Well recently I had occasion to actually order some biscuits from them.

The service was awesome - I ordered a tin of biscuits online on thursday morning, I chose express delivery as I had left it a bit late ... but they were waiting for me when I arrived at my work. They were there by 9am the next morning! They were well packaged and inside the tin the biscuits were secured to the different layers with a drop of icing so they didn't move around.

The quality was beautiful. We nearly didn't want to eat them, but I'm glad we did. They tasted lovely. Not too hard, not too soft and very chocolatey.

They were expensive. Even with £5 off. But I would recommend them if you want to send someone a lovely treat. Especially if they are the kind of person who would appreciate the craftsmanship.