New Projects ahoy!

27.4.08 - 15:55
I am starting to see that I am going to write a lot of posts called New Project!
I am going to sort out some kind of format for new, in progress and finished pieces.
But for now.... This is what I am thinking.
I would like to do a Jumpskirt soon. I'd never heard that term before I got into lolita, but I suppose its just a way of defining a dress with no sleeves!
I've seen a pattern I'd like to try:
Simplicity 6457
I've just bought a white Metamorphose blouse (beautiful) so I kinda want to make something new to go with it.
On the other hand...
I'd still like to do something based on the Baby - Little Red Riding Hood dress, I love it so much.
I think I'd like a red dress. It will have to match my red shoes though!


Finished the dress!

- 15:49

Today I finally finished the latest dress project. I think my sewing has improved.

Things that worked really well: Invisble zip - much improvement there,
the general shape - nicely flared but not like a circle skirt.

Things that coud be improved - sleeves need more poof at the top, square neckline is not great.

Next time - I think a high neck line and a nice collar. Maybe I'll have a go at detachable sleeves!

Apologies for the bad photography. I think thats something else I'll have to work on...



Another new project!

8.4.08 - 18:27
So much for finishing old projects... I ended up starting a new one! Its really a practice to see if this new pattern is loli-able. I am thinking if it goes well I might do a sort of tutorial for the alterations required. Some 'in progress' pictures coming soon.



Unfinished Projects

5.4.08 - 11:03

Today I am thinking about projects that never got finished. Probably because I have been stalling rather over my coat...
So I have decided to get all the half finished projects out of the box and see if I am inspired to finish them. There is currently a cream JSK made from a cream fabric with pin tucks in it and a sweet pink OP which is mostly a pattern prototype made of basic cotton.
Both of these have been cut out and pinned but not sewn together.
I think there is also some sort of Tartan affair that I started some time ago but decided was terribly unflattering...



Online Fabric Shopping

3.4.08 - 22:13
So today I went down to the (not-so-great-part-of-town) Market to have a look for the spotty fabric to alter the strapless dress. They didn't have anything remotely similar so I am thinking about buying fabric online. I haven't done this before as I like to feel the fabric and check the quality before I spend my hard earned pennies. I've been checking out a few sites recently and I've seen some really nice printed cottons. Plus I think this would be a good way to stock up on cheap muslin or similar for prototypes.
I'll add some of these to my shopping lists when I get time.



Beautiful brands

2.4.08 - 21:43
I think one of my favourite brands for inspiration is Mary Magdalene. Their styles are beautiful and so is their wallpaper! I am thinking it would be nice to have an area to photograph things in this way. I wonder if we have a spare wall somewhere...