Unfinished Projects

5.4.08 - 11:03

Today I am thinking about projects that never got finished. Probably because I have been stalling rather over my coat...
So I have decided to get all the half finished projects out of the box and see if I am inspired to finish them. There is currently a cream JSK made from a cream fabric with pin tucks in it and a sweet pink OP which is mostly a pattern prototype made of basic cotton.
Both of these have been cut out and pinned but not sewn together.
I think there is also some sort of Tartan affair that I started some time ago but decided was terribly unflattering...

1 comment:

  1. wow, they are lovely :)
    could i ask if u used any sort of premade pattern/s? Ive been trying to create something like your first picture here forever ! with the square neck and simple skirt . any ideas?