Update: Bib dress project

28.6.09 - 10:31
Some time ago I decided to make a dress based on a gorgeous Mary Magdalene design. It's the most ambitious project I've tried so far especially since I also wanted to draft the whole pattern from scratch.

So this is how far I've got. Everything is just pinned together in the picture but I've cut most of the pieces and made a start on the bib and collar. All the fiddly pin tucks and smaller ruffles are done.

I'm still working on the sleeves and I need to make some waist ties. My sleeves always seem to come out too puffy...
There's also masses of ruffles still to make for the skirt.

I best get back to work!



Weekend designer - lolita skirt patterns

27.6.09 - 11:42
Have you seen the Weekend designer ? It's a blog about pattern-drafting where the writer takes inspiration from fashion pieces and makes simple patterns that you can use to make things for yourself.

Check out these posts for making skirts:
A three tiered skirt like these from Meta and Angelic Pretty.

Three frilly tiers like these from Baby and Boz.

I think it goes without saying that you'll have to lengthen the skirts a bit for lolita - but as the paterns are drafted it shouldn't be too difficult.

EDIT: Take a peek at this post if you fancy making one of these!



Keyboard/musical notes bag

21.6.09 - 15:31
A few weeks ago I bought a skirt with a keyboard trim and I fancied making a bag to match.
So here it is.
It's a little clutch bag with a zip along the top. There's a wrist strap on the other end so you can still hold a drink if you go to a gig or something.

The back is black with a musical note print (from my quilting shop adventure) and the black keys are velvet ribbon. Its also lined in black. I'm quite pleased with it.



Spending too much time on Etsy

20.6.09 - 10:15
I saw these the other day - they are all little pocket mirrors. They are only 2 .25 inches across so you can pop it in your bag and discreetly check that your make-up is still okay or that all you hair clips are still there!
Also they are only $4 so they'd make lovely little gifts.



Crafty lolita

17.6.09 - 22:03
I've not been doing a lot of loli sewing recently mainly because I've been getting back into crafts in a big way.

It all started when I found a quilting shop in my area and drooled over all their amazing fabrics! I love novelty prints now - I wonder if I got that from all the crazy lolita prints?

I've been having a go at knitting and crochet and I'm also thinking about opening an Etsy shop. Maybe not with all lolita things but definitely with lots of cuteness. Stay tuned for more info!