Crafty lolita

17.6.09 - 22:03
I've not been doing a lot of loli sewing recently mainly because I've been getting back into crafts in a big way.

It all started when I found a quilting shop in my area and drooled over all their amazing fabrics! I love novelty prints now - I wonder if I got that from all the crazy lolita prints?

I've been having a go at knitting and crochet and I'm also thinking about opening an Etsy shop. Maybe not with all lolita things but definitely with lots of cuteness. Stay tuned for more info!


  1. Sounds rad! I have an etsy shop but i only sold like one item... and that was to my friend. But good luck! I'll definitely be watching.

  2. Thanks guys! I'm having lots of fun researching all the etsy stuff. I love the way they package things up like a present.