Brand altering competition/giveaway

25.7.10 - 13:32
It's giveaway time! As I hinted before this competition is all about transformation and redesign.

What you can win

First things first, the prize is a Baby the Stars Shine Bright JSK.

It's a lucky pack dress and it's never been worn but I think it needs a little makeover. I know some people don't like the idea of messing with brand pieces, but this dress isn't getting any wear as it is.

How the competition works

To enter you'll need to describe in words or pictures or both what you would do with this dress.
You might want to do very little -like just add an applique or you might want to completely change it and make it into a short skirt. You could dye it, cut it up, add a print or pockets.
Then I'll pick the best idea and you get the dress. After that it's up to you!*

You'll also need to follow the blog somehow - through the follow button or through your reader. You can send your entry to my email if you prefer - but please leave a comment so I can make sure everyone gets included. (gothiclolitasewing@gmail.com)

Please leave your entry by Sunday 22nd August 2010 (midnight GMT) and I'll announce the winner after that.


I've removed this bow from the front, but that will be included. It's got shirring and lacing at the back.
Measurements are: (unstretched - fully stretched) 
Bust: 34in 87cm - 42in 107cm
Waist: 28in 72cm - 36in 91cm
Length: 39in 100cm
but since this is an alteration challenge - you can change it to your own size.

I really hope someone can give this dress a new lease of life and actually get some wear out of it.
Lets see your creativity! Good luck x

Other info:
International entries are welcome and I will send the dress as a gift but you will be responsible for any customs duties applied by your country. 
I only have this one dress so if it gets lost in the post or anything unfortunately there won't be anything I can do.
If you win - it's your dress, so you can give it to a friend or sell it on ebay if you really want. Just so you know it's not worth a whole lot of money - especially since it doesn't have a print or any special embroidery.

*It really is up to you after that - you can do what you want with it. I would be cool to see if you did alter it, but there's no pressure :)



Super cuteness from Artbox

24.7.10 - 23:29
I'm back from my trip! I had a great time and consumed plenty of macarons. Whilst I'm tranferring all my (many) photographs, I thought I'd tell you about a cool shop I found. I came across this lovely little place in Camden, though they have three locations in London. It's called Artbox.

They sell total cuteness in the form of stationery, bags and toys. Amongst other things they have loads of stickers and notebooks with a little panda (the one on the left there) which as well as being cute have inspirational messages, like 'live the life you imagined' and 'I believe I can fly'.

Suffice to say I bought a bag full of goodies including some post-its to use in my scrap/sketchbooks. The prices are good and the staff were friendly and helpful. So I was pretty pleased when I saw they have a fully stocked website too. Yay!

Stand by for the giveaway I mentioned (very soon) and then my super macaron review from the Other Amusements Tour of London.



Musical note embroidered lace

18.7.10 - 18:01
I came across this lace on Etsy today and thought I'd share it with you as I've never seen any like it before. It's from Parkersupplies and is also available in black.

I've not bought from them but I am tempted as they've got some other nice things in their shop too, like lace appliques and wooden alphabet rubber stamps.



Wedding invitations

7.7.10 - 16:00
I've not written anything about wedding planning have I? I don't want to bore you with it but sometimes my 'current obsession' should really be set to wedding.

I've been looking at stationery like this huge set from Spark. First I thought, why would you ever need all those bits and pieces? But then when I think about designing my own set, I want to make everything. You get to use different shaped envelopes and bits of ribbon and there's so much opportunity to apply your design. You don't need them, but it sure sounds like my kind of fun!

A lot of wedding stuff has been like that actually. Dresses, cakes, craft, design and photography - pretty much covers what I ramble on about here. So I'm looking forward to researching all this and maybe showing you some of the cool things I come across in wedding world.  



Fairytale necklaces

6.7.10 - 23:19
Sometimes you need a little fairytale in your life. If you're feeling down it reminds you that there is magic in the world and that anything can happen. You might find a great new chocolate shop or even your prince around the next corner!

Here are a few of my favourite necklaces to help you keep your faith in the magic:

 Topshop Keys and Clock Pendant

Oliver Bonas Key to my Heart

Disney Couture Keys Pendant

Okay, I really like keys. 


Juicy Couture You are the Fairest Pendant
£55 (reduced from £78!)

Disney Couture 'Drink Me' pendant
£19 (reduced from £30!)

A lot of the Alice related stuff is on sale now since the film is out on DVD.



Redecorating and things to come

4.7.10 - 14:43
In a couple of months 'Gothic Lolita Sewing and Other Amusements' will have had the dubious honour of reporting my project related triumphs and disasters for three years.

Due to there being less emphasis on the 'lolita sewing' and more on the 'other amusements' recently and the fact that it's had the same layout the whole time; I'm thinking it's time for a little redecorating.

Whilst this is going on I've got a great giveaway for you, it's mainly for the sewing lovers but is open to everyone - so watch this space for more information.

I think you'll like it most, lovely loli ladies; there's brand involved ;)