Fairytale necklaces

6.7.10 - 23:19
Sometimes you need a little fairytale in your life. If you're feeling down it reminds you that there is magic in the world and that anything can happen. You might find a great new chocolate shop or even your prince around the next corner!

Here are a few of my favourite necklaces to help you keep your faith in the magic:

 Topshop Keys and Clock Pendant

Oliver Bonas Key to my Heart

Disney Couture Keys Pendant

Okay, I really like keys. 


Juicy Couture You are the Fairest Pendant
£55 (reduced from £78!)

Disney Couture 'Drink Me' pendant
£19 (reduced from £30!)

A lot of the Alice related stuff is on sale now since the film is out on DVD.


  1. I love necklaces with keys or pocket watches on them. I have yet to find a place that sells them cheap though.