Wedding invitations

7.7.10 - 16:00
I've not written anything about wedding planning have I? I don't want to bore you with it but sometimes my 'current obsession' should really be set to wedding.

I've been looking at stationery like this huge set from Spark. First I thought, why would you ever need all those bits and pieces? But then when I think about designing my own set, I want to make everything. You get to use different shaped envelopes and bits of ribbon and there's so much opportunity to apply your design. You don't need them, but it sure sounds like my kind of fun!

A lot of wedding stuff has been like that actually. Dresses, cakes, craft, design and photography - pretty much covers what I ramble on about here. So I'm looking forward to researching all this and maybe showing you some of the cool things I come across in wedding world.  


  1. I went to a wedding fair - they have so many bits and pieces! There were companies that specialise in chair covers - those sheets with a bow that make the chair look like you're painting the house. And tiny boxes to put sweets in. It was bizarre.

  2. I'd like to see some wedding things in your posts, Ra. There are so many lovely things out there! ^_^