Super cuteness from Artbox

24.7.10 - 23:29
I'm back from my trip! I had a great time and consumed plenty of macarons. Whilst I'm tranferring all my (many) photographs, I thought I'd tell you about a cool shop I found. I came across this lovely little place in Camden, though they have three locations in London. It's called Artbox.

They sell total cuteness in the form of stationery, bags and toys. Amongst other things they have loads of stickers and notebooks with a little panda (the one on the left there) which as well as being cute have inspirational messages, like 'live the life you imagined' and 'I believe I can fly'.

Suffice to say I bought a bag full of goodies including some post-its to use in my scrap/sketchbooks. The prices are good and the staff were friendly and helpful. So I was pretty pleased when I saw they have a fully stocked website too. Yay!

Stand by for the giveaway I mentioned (very soon) and then my super macaron review from the Other Amusements Tour of London.