Pretty Easter eggs

25.3.16 - 11:00
Just a quick post to tell you about this cool way of making Easter eggs that I tried. This is the first time I've dyed eggs - usually I go straight for the chocolate kind but they look mega. They are all done with red cabbage, can you believe it?

There is a great tutorial here on 'Honestly Yum' that I've been saving since this time last year.

You have to start with white eggs for the super pale ones, but the brown ones are great for the really dark colours. She uses edible gold 'paint' to do the pretty flecks but I used what I happened have with is edible gold lustre powder. If you mix it with a little alcohol you get a 'flick-able' texture.

Happy Easter!



Adventure planning: New York

30.1.16 - 19:00

Although the year has barely got under way I've actually already travelled abroad once and booked another trip!

I've been to Paris. Unfortunately the visit was for work so I didn't get to do anything fun, but I can't complain since I did get to be in Paris for a a few hours and have lunch in a real French cafe.
I also got to travel on Eurostar which I've not done before. I hardly even noticed that we were in the tunnel. Probably for the best as the idea of being under all that sea is not good to think about too much.

I've also got a (for fun) trip planned to New York. I'm very excited about this one. I've haven't been to the big apple since 2007! Whoop. I'm travelling with my husband this time. We had talked about going somewhere else in the US but oddly NY is a more affordable destination because of the flights.

I generally think it's good to get flights early and hotels later for good deals.

I got a different travel guide as I think the statue of liberty might still be where I left it in 2007 ;)
Last time we were there we did all the major sights so this time we are hoping to see some of the out lying areas - the hipster places in Brooklyn, the galleries and museums. We'll be going to the Brooklyn Brewery and MoMA.

Any recommendations for great places to go in the city that never sleeps?