Things for sale

21.9.08 - 19:01
I am currently have a bit of a wardrobe clear out and I am selling some of my lolita things including my beautiful Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Red Riding Hood dress. SOLD
The details of this and the other items I have for sale are here (on my LiveJournal account) if you are interested but do not have an LJ account please contact me by email or leave a message here so that I can get back to you. Thanks.



Heart Shape bags again

17.9.08 - 17:46
Look whats in at Topshop again! Its those heart shaped bags I was talking about here! The smaller version is online here for £18 and the larger one with the handles is £20.



School Girl Themed Lolita JSK - Finished!

7.9.08 - 22:45
Today I finished the school style JSK I was working on. I've put it with a white blouse with a large collar for this picture, but I think it will look better with a smaller peter pan collar for actual wearing. Especially since I'd like to wear it with this jacket from New Look .
So there won't be that much showing.

This outfit will be finished off with a beret, probably white knee socks and a cute bag.

Problems: The main problem I've had with this project is button holes - the straps are fastened with buttons on the back and I've sewn them by hand as I need more practice using the button hole stitches on my machine.

Also - I've found that belt buckles are quite hard to get hold of and my local haberdashery suggested charity shops.


Mary Magdalene does it again

- 21:07
In case you hadn't already noticed I really prefer the classic/victorian/gothic side of lolita rather than the super sweet. This might be because I've never been that much of a girly girl. Anyway probably because of this, Mary Magdalene is one of my favourite brands.
Their clothes are so beautifully elegant while also being a little extravagant and eccentric for everyday wear.
This co-ordinate is lovely. Especially the jacket and blouse. I'd like to wear thing more like this all the time.
I'm going to be on the look out for a blouse with a bow on the front like that, either in the shops or in the pattern books.