School Girl Themed Lolita JSK - Finished!

7.9.08 - 22:45
Today I finished the school style JSK I was working on. I've put it with a white blouse with a large collar for this picture, but I think it will look better with a smaller peter pan collar for actual wearing. Especially since I'd like to wear it with this jacket from New Look .
So there won't be that much showing.

This outfit will be finished off with a beret, probably white knee socks and a cute bag.

Problems: The main problem I've had with this project is button holes - the straps are fastened with buttons on the back and I've sewn them by hand as I need more practice using the button hole stitches on my machine.

Also - I've found that belt buckles are quite hard to get hold of and my local haberdashery suggested charity shops.


  1. Its beautiful!! I dont know what to say!! I absolutely love all of it!!

    Could you please help me out? I am extremely new to sewing, I bought a sewing machine for Christmas and decided to make my own loita clothes instead of buying them all the time. I want to make a JSK like this one, but all the stores I have visited havent got the pattern, and I have no clue on how to make them!!

    Is it possible if you could make or find a free pattern or tutorial that I can understand, because I dont know much about sewing ... atall haha.

    Sorry for such a long comment, I hope you can help!! thanks!!

    Happy New Year btw!!

  2. Thank you!

    If you are really new to sewing I would suggest starting on some smaller stuff first - theres nothing worse than jumping in at the deep end being dissapointed with the results!
    You need to get used to how your machine works and get the hang of sewing in straight lines and around curves.
    Maybe start with a simple skirt or some bloomers? Things without zips are best to start with.

    With commercial patterns, sometimes if its a smaller shop they they need to order patterns in. This pattern can be made into a more lolita shape but adding extra flare to the sides of the skirt panels at the bottom.

    As for tutorials - its quite difficult to make a pattern that will fit everyone! But there are some more lolita specific ones in the EGL community memories.

    I hope that helps some. Good luck with your sewing!

  3. Thanks!! (its Sora btw, I cant remember my username!!)

    Did you know, I already have that pattern, its soo weird!! I have made the dress, I just need to add the zips on and sew the bodice to the skirt, and thats it really.

    Its really fun to do!! Thankyou so much for your help!!


  4. Haha, I mean I cant remember my password.


  5. I'm glad you are enjoying your sewing. I hope it turns out well!

    When you are putting in the zip make sure you get the right kind - if you get an ivisible zip you'll need a special foot for your machine to get make it work properly.

  6. I came here by chance, and I think this JSK is very very beautiful. I love school themed things :) This one ist really cool!