Inspiration for an outfit

26.7.08 - 15:30
I was just looking the other day at la Carmina's post about Rococo inspiration here, when I came across this image. It would make such a great starting point for a lolita maybe slightly steampunk outfit. This is also a great way for me to look at making something other than a dress, which I've been doing a lot of recently...
So I was thinking I could do a similar skirt but around knee length and then maybe do the top as a jacket? or a little more towards a corset?



New Project! Paris JSK

- 14:25
My new project is again along the lines of a classic style. It is going to use the Paris-Eiffel-Tower fabric I got a while ago.

This is a basic sketch of the shape. I am going to use the pattern I made for the Clasic Lolita dress I just finished but this time make straps instead of sleeves.

The main problems I can see are that the patterns are not going to match up.
I'm going to have to cut it all in one direction or else end up with up-side-down towers...
The other problem is that the fabric is nice quality but quite thin - I'm thinking about making a full cotton lining. Maybe there could be some lace or something on the bottom of the underskirt/lining that shows.
This photo is the dress 'in progress' as you can see I've cut put out all the pieces and made a bit of an attempt to line them up whilst trying no to waste too much fabric!



Classic lolita dress - finished

17.7.08 - 13:22

Well the basic dress is finished. I made the sleeves out of long rectangles and sewed channels between the fabric and lining for the elastic. The ruffle at the bottom was a bit fiddley.

No lace or ribbons yet. Still undecided if I want to co-ordinate it with white or a more antique/off white/cream. I might make some removeable black bows - they might tie it in with some black shoes.



Classic Lolita Dress - Project Update

15.7.08 - 15:16
Well as usual I chickened out of making my own pattern blocks. I am going to do it one day... But instead I got on with my classic lolita style dress and finally started using some nice fabrics!

Here is an 'in progress' picture. In the end I decided to use my favourite parts of all the patterns I've tried so far. That means that the top part is view A from Simplcity 6457 - with minimal alterations. I removed the seam allowance since it is already joined to the skirt and used a lining to finish the top instead of sewing a band around it.
The bottom half is the skirt from Simplicity 3620 but with each of the skirt edges widened by about 15cm. I don't think thats the technical way to do it - but its okay for now.

I've still got to sort out the sleeves. They are meant to be like the ones on this pretty Victorian Maiden one piece.

Then theres the more decorative touches - I was thinking that a hem ruffle from matching fabric would be nice and maybe some peachy ribbon bows? I wonder if black velvet ribbon would be too harsh?


Pattern Drafting

- 08:59
I am looking at drafting patterns today. I've got this book and it really seems to explain the basics of making a 'block' and then adapting it in different ways. I am going to try to use a drafting technique to make my skirts more flared. Also there is a bit about making puffy sleeves from normal ones where you cut the pattern into sections and spread them out. I'll try and explain that better later.



Heart shape bags

13.7.08 - 12:04

There seems to be a big thing about heart shaped bags at the moment. These shiny PVC numbers have been on Fan plus Friend for a while at $35 more recently (the same??) a similar bag turned up at Topshop for £20.

I did see these a couple of weeks ago and decided against it as its a little too shiny for my style. However, I don't think theres much chance of getting one now if you do want one since the slightly smaller red version was featured on Gok's Fashion Fix (my distinctly un-lolita friend REALLY wants one.)

Anyway. The point is that I've acquired some fake leather type material and I'm going to attempt a non-shiny version for myself.


More fabric news

- 11:59

I don't want to sound like a walking advert for Shabby Fabrics but they have some new fabrics in which are just gorgeous!


Holidays, fabrics and plans

- 11:24

I am off work for a whole week. This is an excellent opportunity to get on with some projects old and new!
I am going to start on the clasic lolita dress made from the floral fabric.
This is going to involve making elasticated sleeves which I haven't done before and I don't really have a pattern for.
Luckily I picked up a stack of really cheap remnants for a department store sale - so I'll do a little trial and error with those.

I've already bought a ring to go with this outfit. I couldn't resist as its so pretty! They are in the sale in various colours in evans/topshop/dorothy perkins in the UK. They also have them on hair slides.



Shabby Fabrics Sale

5.7.08 - 18:18
This weekend Shabby Fabrics have got 12% off everything! Yay for classic lolita goodies! International shipping is now only $12. To get the discount you have to enter FREEDOM08 as the voucher code.
Happy shopping!



Classic Lolita Sketch

1.7.08 - 13:45
I was thinking the other day, what kind of dress I would like to make with my new fabrics. I think this kind of style might be best for the floral one. I've also started drawing a set of dresses that represent the most popular shapes for lolita, then maybe I can put together a set of basic patterns.