Classic Lolita Dress - Project Update

15.7.08 - 15:16
Well as usual I chickened out of making my own pattern blocks. I am going to do it one day... But instead I got on with my classic lolita style dress and finally started using some nice fabrics!

Here is an 'in progress' picture. In the end I decided to use my favourite parts of all the patterns I've tried so far. That means that the top part is view A from Simplcity 6457 - with minimal alterations. I removed the seam allowance since it is already joined to the skirt and used a lining to finish the top instead of sewing a band around it.
The bottom half is the skirt from Simplicity 3620 but with each of the skirt edges widened by about 15cm. I don't think thats the technical way to do it - but its okay for now.

I've still got to sort out the sleeves. They are meant to be like the ones on this pretty Victorian Maiden one piece.

Then theres the more decorative touches - I was thinking that a hem ruffle from matching fabric would be nice and maybe some peachy ribbon bows? I wonder if black velvet ribbon would be too harsh?


  1. I love the fabric

    I only just started into lolita fashion, about a year ago, but I think I've fallen in love. Since then I've taken up sewing (literally, with no experience XD) and I'm sooo jealous of your skills!

    Keep up the good work ~_^>-

  2. Thanks - I'm still learning all the time and some things turn out better than others!

    Good luck with your projects and
    happy sewing!

  3. on your last post you talked all about the dress in the main picture but what really caught me was the grey dress in the corner. did you use a pattern for this? if so what was it because i really want to make one of my own :)

  4. I wish that was one of mine! Its by Victorian Maiden. http://www.victorianmaiden.com/main.html

    You could make something similar though by using the bodice from your favourite pattern and adding a box pleated skirt.

    I'd love to see if you do make one :)
    Good luck.