New Project! Paris JSK

26.7.08 - 14:25
My new project is again along the lines of a classic style. It is going to use the Paris-Eiffel-Tower fabric I got a while ago.

This is a basic sketch of the shape. I am going to use the pattern I made for the Clasic Lolita dress I just finished but this time make straps instead of sleeves.

The main problems I can see are that the patterns are not going to match up.
I'm going to have to cut it all in one direction or else end up with up-side-down towers...
The other problem is that the fabric is nice quality but quite thin - I'm thinking about making a full cotton lining. Maybe there could be some lace or something on the bottom of the underskirt/lining that shows.
This photo is the dress 'in progress' as you can see I've cut put out all the pieces and made a bit of an attempt to line them up whilst trying no to waste too much fabric!