Photography: urban exploration & post processing

12.6.11 - 17:16
This week the weather has been really changeable. Sunny one minute, raining the next, not great for taking photos. So I ended up bypassing my Saturday morning lie in to take some pictures before the rain started. For a while now I've been planning to investigate a row of houses which have had some of their walls removed leaving them with an odd inside/outside effect. Some demolition work was done after a there was a fire a few weeks ago but I think the houses might have been empty before that.

I've also been playing more with Pinik, the online photo editing software. One of my current favourite features is the 'cross process filter'. It's a bit like the ones you get on those iphone apps which take 'vintage' photos.

Here are a few of the pictures I took and processed. There are more natural looking ones on my flickr if you'd like to see the originals.



Do you think it's cheating to use these kind of filters? I really like the effects but part of me feels you should have to use the appropriate film camera to get them.