Easter baking

27.4.11 - 21:44

I hope you had a nice Easter if that's your kind of thing. We had a lovely long weekend off work and the weather was absolutely beautiful on Friday.

Marc was working on his latest comic creation on Saturday afternoon, and I did some baking. First off I made some cookies with 'caramel cubes' in them. I found a new range of baking bits at our local cake decorating shop. It's a range called 'divine deli's decorate!' I can't find a lot about them online, but they are very tasty and everything comes in cute little jars.

We were invited to have dinner with my family on Sunday and I volunteered to bring dessert. Since it was Easter I thought we might be a bit chocolate-d out, so I went for a spiced apple cake. I'd not made it before but everyone seemed to enjoy it. It had chunks of apple in the cake as well as the slices on the top. The 'spice' was mostly just a big spoonful of cinnamon but it balanced out the sugar nicely. Great with custard too. (I can post up the recipe if anyone is interested.)

Now there is just one more day of work and then we'll be having another long weekend! I'm hoping to start a new sewing project, its been so long since I've sewn anything. However, if it's nice outside, that might all go out the window ...



Now with added Twitter

14.4.11 - 14:59
Hello there. I am now on Twitter. Actually I was on Twitter before, but now I am tweeting about the things I am interested in on a more regular basis.

That means thoughts about, and links to, other amusements like lomography, photography, baking, cooking, sewing, craftiness and weddings.

So if you fancy following me just click on the button up there on the left. See you there!



Cherry Pie macarons

3.4.11 - 20:57
As you may know if you've visited here before, I've got a thing pour les macarons. I am now going to have to admit something kind of embarrassing. I also love Warrant's Cherry Pie. It's a classic (though somewhat sleazy) rock tune. So yes, I made sweet cherry pie flavoured macarons and guess what? They taste so good make a grown man cry. Oh yeah.