Belgium travel album

27.6.15 - 21:36
I have returned from another trip to the continent.

Brussels is a lovely city, it feels like a low-pressure Paris. By 'low-pressure' I mean it doesn't have to be AMAZING all the time. You don't have to feel like someone is going to propose all the time. You don't have to pretend you are Audrey Hepburn or anything. It's just a really nice European city. And they speak French. Sometimes.

This is one time that I felt like we didn't see half of what was on offer. I suppose because we were there for an event rather than to run around seeing the sights.

This was my first trip with the Traveler's Notebook format journal. The one I took is a DIY version rather than a real Midori. I have the Passport size one from Midori but it seemed a bit small for this adventure. Perhaps because we were five of us. Why would that matter I wonder? It's not going to make the photos bigger...


This is the book. The cover is a kraft card from the My Mind's Eye collection 'Kraft Funday'
I usually like to choose a photo that kind of represents the whole trip on the front, but this beer mat seems to tell the story on it's own. I added the gold frame die cut.

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