Update: gothic lolita blouse project

29.3.09 - 18:33
I've done some more work on this blouse over the weekend but I'm not really happy with it. I added a ruffle to the collar which looks okay but I'm still not convinced the pattern is quite right yet.

The collar area is a bit big - not the collar itself but the actual neck line. That might just be because the whole blouse is a little bit big for me. But the poofy shoulders are way too big too. I've pinned them down slightly in this picture so they don't look so mammoth!

I think I've learned a lot from this project and although its not quite there yet its a massive improvement on my previous efforts! (cringe)



bit sketchy...

23.3.09 - 20:03

I've been doing a bit of sketching recently - my drawing skills really aren't all that (as you can see) but its generally the best way to get ideas down.

There was a kind of long waistcoat thing in one of the recent Gothic and Lolita Bibles - possibly from Alice and the Pirates - and I thought it was something a bit different. So I've put it in my scrapbook as a future project idea.

I've been doing some easter-y crafts as well - more on that later in the week!

Edit: I've tidied up this sketch a bit in photoshop as it looked a bit rough before.



Pretty fabrics

13.3.09 - 11:28
I've been looking through some of the fabrics sites and testing my will power.
All these fabrics are probably available at different places and varying prices but the links I've added are where I found them today.

This beautiful toile is from the Mary Rose Paris collection by Robert Kaufman.
Here at Shabby Fabrics.
Very tempted.

This one is called Eco Trees and its from Timeless Treasures which is a quilting brand I think.
Here at Gaga Fabrics.
Thought about it.

Its difficult to make this one out as a little thumbnail, but if you click through to the site you can see it enlarged. Its called Country Town Cafe and is a 22" border printed fabric.
Here at ReproDepot and its on sale!
I gave in on this one I'm afraid! I'll let you know what its like when it arrives.



New fabric for the MM inspired dress

11.3.09 - 22:30
Why is it always so difficult to photograph fabrics nicely?

Anyway - here is the fabric I got for my new dress project. Its a very light wool and it feels lovely. The colour is actually kinda blue and black at the same time, I hope it won't be too heavy.


Geek Baking (now thats love)

- 21:52
As has been previously noted my Prince Charming has a penchant for fairy cakes, also (so as not to imply any lack of manliness) violent video games.
In honour of his birthday I provided a collision of these two cultural art forms - Resident Evil Cupcakes.

Just in case you are not down with the survival horror genre - this is the Umbrella Corporation logo.
I think they came out quite well, though it helps that the logo is pretty cool on its own...

I used the red velvet cake recipe again (I used the one from Rachel Allen's 'Bake' book) and cut the logos from ready to roll icing which I 'painted' with food colouring. Then I 'drew' the lines in with a little squeezy tube of black icing made for doing lettering.

As an aside - when I was buying the black bun cases for these I also found some with yellow smiley faces on them! (possibly there since the eighties) Double geek points this week for Watchmen cakes.



New Project - Bib Dress

10.3.09 - 22:31
I've decided that I'd like a dress in the style of this Mary Magdalene one piece. I love this design but its way too expensive and as usual wouldn't fit anway! So its going to be my next project. I don't want to make an exact replica or anything, but I will incorporate some of the main elements like the bib section and long sleeves.

I'd like to tone down the ruffles slightly so that I can wear it on a more day-to-day basis, rather than just special occasions.

I'm going to draft the whole pattern myself this time. So it might take a little while to get started, but I think I'm up to it. Wish me luck!


High Street Finds - Anchor Skirt

- 00:06
In the past couple of months I've noticed a bit of a shift in the great high street finds department. There is still lots of cupcake/sweets related jewellery and bows about but things like blouses are popping up less often.

On the other hand there seems to be more shoes around at the moment?

Anyway, I saw this skirt in New Look today and thought it could work. I like this anchor print way more than most of the current brand offerings - maybe because they don't feel the need to add more cake?



...and then suddenly there was time

9.3.09 - 23:27
I'm on holiday! I'm off all week so I'm hoping to get lots done and have some new projects to write about.
Some of the things on my list are:
Finishing that blouse I've been messing about with for weeks
Doing some birthday baking for Prince Charming
Maybe having a go at some crochet? (Amigurumi are very cute)
Starting work on a new dress which I got fabric for today (more about that tomorrow)
Making some crafty things from my growing bag of fabric scraps
Sorting out my patterns and fabric stash
Possibly getting round to the petticoat tutorial I have planned