Pretty fabrics

13.3.09 - 11:28
I've been looking through some of the fabrics sites and testing my will power.
All these fabrics are probably available at different places and varying prices but the links I've added are where I found them today.

This beautiful toile is from the Mary Rose Paris collection by Robert Kaufman.
Here at Shabby Fabrics.
Very tempted.

This one is called Eco Trees and its from Timeless Treasures which is a quilting brand I think.
Here at Gaga Fabrics.
Thought about it.

Its difficult to make this one out as a little thumbnail, but if you click through to the site you can see it enlarged. Its called Country Town Cafe and is a 22" border printed fabric.
Here at ReproDepot and its on sale!
I gave in on this one I'm afraid! I'll let you know what its like when it arrives.


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  3. @wonderfulworld -
    Thanks, I really enjoy blogging!

    I don't really use msn, but you can email me if you like at gothiclolitasewing@gmail.com

  4. Have you made anything with the Cafe Town fabric yet? I'd be curious to see what it looks like used for clothing! I bet it makes a great border pattern :) I bought some for my kitchen a couple of months ago, in green/blue :D