Geek Baking (now thats love)

11.3.09 - 21:52
As has been previously noted my Prince Charming has a penchant for fairy cakes, also (so as not to imply any lack of manliness) violent video games.
In honour of his birthday I provided a collision of these two cultural art forms - Resident Evil Cupcakes.

Just in case you are not down with the survival horror genre - this is the Umbrella Corporation logo.
I think they came out quite well, though it helps that the logo is pretty cool on its own...

I used the red velvet cake recipe again (I used the one from Rachel Allen's 'Bake' book) and cut the logos from ready to roll icing which I 'painted' with food colouring. Then I 'drew' the lines in with a little squeezy tube of black icing made for doing lettering.

As an aside - when I was buying the black bun cases for these I also found some with yellow smiley faces on them! (possibly there since the eighties) Double geek points this week for Watchmen cakes.


  1. Oh wow, those are so cute! a) I love the idea of Umbrella cakes and b) I am totally addicted to Rachel Allen's book, I bake from it all the time ^^

  2. Thanks! I know what you mean, isn't that book great?