Weekend designer - lolita skirt patterns

27.6.09 - 11:42
Have you seen the Weekend designer ? It's a blog about pattern-drafting where the writer takes inspiration from fashion pieces and makes simple patterns that you can use to make things for yourself.

Check out these posts for making skirts:
A three tiered skirt like these from Meta and Angelic Pretty.

Three frilly tiers like these from Baby and Boz.

I think it goes without saying that you'll have to lengthen the skirts a bit for lolita - but as the paterns are drafted it shouldn't be too difficult.

EDIT: Take a peek at this post if you fancy making one of these!


  1. this is great thanks for sharing ^^

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the link,looked through the site and just added a couple projects to my list of things to do!

  3. Glad you guys liked it too. I thought some of the things were really nice - there's a bag I want to have a go at and that belt with the buttons on the front.