Update: Bib dress project

28.6.09 - 10:31
Some time ago I decided to make a dress based on a gorgeous Mary Magdalene design. It's the most ambitious project I've tried so far especially since I also wanted to draft the whole pattern from scratch.

So this is how far I've got. Everything is just pinned together in the picture but I've cut most of the pieces and made a start on the bib and collar. All the fiddly pin tucks and smaller ruffles are done.

I'm still working on the sleeves and I need to make some waist ties. My sleeves always seem to come out too puffy...
There's also masses of ruffles still to make for the skirt.

I best get back to work!


  1. It looks wonderful. The bib and ruffles look amazing so far. I would love it if you explained some time, maybe once you have finished, how you put together all of the things in this :)

  2. Thanks!
    @Cindy - I can have a go. I'm not sure I always do things 'properly' technique-wise but I can show you my way.

  3. That would be neat, because the 'proper' way isn't always the best way sometimes (at least for me)

  4. np ^^

    i can only do basic skirt pattern atm >.<

    I would love to see how you made th bib part ^^

  5. thanks for the advice ^^

    I think i might try sewing some bloomers since I'm not sure if my sewing machine could handle so many layers of a petticoat>.<