Style Shake

13.7.09 - 11:06
I've only just come across styleshake.com even though it looks to have been around for a couple of years. It's a very easy to use website where you can 'design' your own clothes and have them made and sent to you.

There are some limitations - its not made to your actual measurements, but you can make slight adjustments to the sizes provided. Also its more pick and mix than actual design but I managed to put together this OP in a couple of minutes. I don't know how lolita it would turn out. It's made from black cotton so even though it looks a bit shiny in the picture it should be quite matt in real life.

The company is based in the UK and this design would cost £44 to order - that sounds like a very good price to me for a bespoke dress.


  1. Thanks for the point to such a neat site. I made a few things, because I was curious, but the neat thing is that the different elements they use for what you can make seem like simple enough parts that I could put together myself. I am thinking about making something along these lines now, which I find to be somewhat lolita-ish, though like you said, who knows how close to accurate these preview pics really are. http://www.styleshake.com/UserLibrary/Model/252527.png

  2. It's great fun isn't it? I couldn't get your link to work - maybe you have to be signed in to see it?

  3. Maybe this will work? Either way, it is indeed great fun.


  4. Very pretty, and in silk too! I decided to order mine and see how it turns out since they have 15% off at the moment.
    I'll let you know how it goes.