Finished the dress!

27.4.08 - 15:49

Today I finally finished the latest dress project. I think my sewing has improved.

Things that worked really well: Invisble zip - much improvement there,
the general shape - nicely flared but not like a circle skirt.

Things that coud be improved - sleeves need more poof at the top, square neckline is not great.

Next time - I think a high neck line and a nice collar. Maybe I'll have a go at detachable sleeves!

Apologies for the bad photography. I think thats something else I'll have to work on...


  1. OMG this is too cute :) could u give any info/advice on which pattern u used or patterns I might want to get to start making some lolita clothes for myself? kutelilkat@yahoo.com

  2. that coud be improved Custom Homework Service sleeves need more poof at the top, square neck area isn't incredible.