Making Macarons - attempt 1

25.1.09 - 11:24
So I had a go at making some Macarons. After a bit of research I decided on a recipe from Serious Eats, and these are the results.

I'm not sure they're quite there yet. The tops turned out a bit domed and cracked and the ruffley bit around the bottom isn't very defined. I think maybe the oven was too hot? There seems to be a lot of factors which can affect how they turn out, like how dry the egg whites are. I tried the method where you microwave the eggs for 10sec instead of leaving them out all night. Maybe I'll try aged eggs next time.
Anyway, I think they are not too bad for a first attempt. They taste nice - slightly chewy and very very sweet, but I'm not sure what they're meant to taste like so I can't really make a comparison!

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