Commercial patterns that could work for lolita

11.1.09 - 11:28
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, I was definately ready for a holiday! Santa did bring me a couple of nice patterns this year which I am looking forward to making a start on.

The first one is this blouse collection
New Look 6732 - I've put up the line art image as I think it gives a better idea of the shapes. But I think that blouse E could be a good base for a lolita blouse. I might add a bit of a ruffle around the collar to extend it a little.
The second pattern is this little jacket - New Look 6564
This could look quite smart with a classic co-ordinate. I think pattern F might work well with a pirate/military look. Plus you get a cute camisole pattern too.
I've not tried making it yet so I'm not sure what kind of alterations it might need.

Now this is one that I don't own myself but I thought might be useful for some one
Simplicity 4282

The photos on the front of the envelope are kinda hideous but I think some of the shapes could be useful if you wanted to do an apron or something more like a bustle over-skirt.
With a bit of creative thinking I bet you could make something like an apron that you could wear over a plain dress to jazz it up a bit and maybe keep a bit warmer in winter?