Halloween 2 and false eyelashes

4.11.08 - 21:51
Okay, as promised here is a picture of the dress I reworked for my halloween outfit. I think its much nicer this way.
(Plus here's a picture of me modeling it - bet you wondered what I looked like huh? well there you go, all big hair and teeth.)
I wore it with the black blouse/socks to the gig we went to and with the white blouse/socks for my living/dead (whats more scary?) doll look.
I did my hair really big and curly with a black bow and for my make-up I did dark eyes with red liner and wore false eyelashes.
I'd never used them before and they were fantastic! Actually thats why I ended up just being a doll not a broken one, I didn't want to hide them or squish one side with my eye patch. I really recommend trying them if you never have!


  1. Hi
    Your blog seems to the only one dedicated in Gothic Lolita fashion. Most of the communities are on Livejournal and can't be bothered to join another blogging style.

    On your circular dress there's slightly easier way to sew the sides and gather at the top rather to cut out circular pattern.

    I noticed that H and M sell mini top hats which is attached by a loop of elastic. Gothic Romance is in for this season, don't be surprised you see Gothic related accessories. Even so I still end up making them from scratch.

    Will you add more patterns later? Particular to for a blouse or shirt.

  2. Hello, the only one? ha ha, not really. There's lots of girls blogging about lolita and with the current trend for reworking vintage clothes, lots more about DIY fashion! Check out the ones in my 'lolita blogs' list.
    EGL on Livejournal is a really good way to see whats going on in the loli world, and you can still read it without joining.

    I'm sorry I don't understand what you are saying about the circle skirt?

    Yes, I have that H&M hat! Its very cute.

    I generally add patterns for things that are quite simple and that you can easily adjust to your size. Blouses are more complicated so I'd suggest getting a commercial pattern and making some little alterations to lolify it.

    Happy sewing