Update on blouse pattern 6732

1.2.09 - 14:45
Remember when I was talking about that blouse pattern New Look 6732? Well I started cutting out some of the pieces this week for blouse E, the one with the short sleeves.
I found that it turned out to be really long and that I would probably need to cut a good 5 or 6 inches off the bottom. I also found that there are two sets of darts to form the shape of the blouse. Including a set which has points at each end. (There are some tips for these here.) I really prefer princess seams, they are meant to be harder to sew - but I have way more trouble getting darts to lie correctly.
So I've decided that I am finally going to start work on drafting my own patterns.


  1. I have had great success with McCall's M5471...all I have to fix is the collar to make it a peter pan collar, and gather the tops of the sleeves, but the princess seams are fantastic^^

  2. Thanks for that! It looks like a really good base. I'll have to give it a go.
    I really need to get to grips with drafting properly so I'm not so reliant on commercial stuff.

  3. Yeah, I usually get one commercial pattern and use it as a base to draft my own. Tracing works well when you don't have one of those french curve ruler thingers.

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