Overdress/waistcoat - In progress

24.9.09 - 20:55
I've started work on the waistcoat style overdress that goes with the tiered skirt I made.

It looks a bit iffy at the moment but its not sewn together or anything. I'm having a go at draping on the dress form rather than drawing a flat pattern. I've not tried making something this way before and I'm not sure the shape is quite there yet; the gap at the front of the skirt looks a bit funny.

The other problem is the length. I thought it would be good if the waistcoat was shorter than the skirt but I think I'll add a ruffle to the bottom make them a bit more even.

I'd like to find some better fabric but I am going to use these buttons - they are the same as the ones on this waistcoat.

I'm starting to think about making a blouse to match too, maybe with a big neck bow.


  1. i love this ^^

    i ahvent been taught how to draw flat patterns but i have found a helpful book and i ahve yet to put it to use XD

    i cant wait to see how it turns out :)

  2. This is really cool! I think the front looks fine, but if you think it's weird... Maybe you could make it short in the front and long in the back, like a tailcoat? I can't wait to see this completed :-)

  3. Naka - thanks, I put off drafting patterns for ages, but its handy not to have to buy patterns for basic stuff!

    Chrissy - thank you! good idea about the tailcoat, I might try that. I hope it GETS completed. haha.

  4. Cool! I've seen the sketch you did for this piece a while ago, its very close to it. That idea from Chrissy is great, there are some cute G&L models with tailcoats Im they usually fit so well, give a sofisticated look for the garment... Im sure it will turnout gorgerous! Im already curious to see it finished! =3

  5. Thanks - I'm hoping to get it finished this weekend.