Feeling festive

27.11.10 - 12:07
I've started feeling quite festive this last week. Christmas markets are popping up and the lights have been switched on in town. It's also helped that it was first a little frosty in the mornings and then today we woke up to snow.

I took all of these pictures within 5 minutes walk of my house, well, except the lights - they are within 5 minutes of my work instead. The last one really makes me think of Christmas cards. 


  1. beautiful! i love the second from last, with the snowy river and trees!

  2. I adore that one with all the lights. Looks fantastic.

    And you're correct about that last photo. It definitely looks like a Christmas card.

  3. Aww wow! Christmas in the northern hemisphere must be so christmassy! We just get bombarded with fake snow and stuff in the shops.

  4. i lvoe the last photo and thanks for the encouragement tehe yeah i looked through my old posts it was nice to look back on things :)

    i plan to come back to bloggin in jan though :)

    amazing photography!

  5. I love the one with all the lights. I think all these photos could make great Christmas cards. Ah I can't wait till Christmas hahaah!