Advent calendar challenge: day 1

1.12.10 - 23:30
Where did November go? I had every intention of making an advent calendar this year and the time has just raced by. Suffice to say we don't have one. And I've seen some lovely designs on various crafty blogs and look at this one on Etsy... So when I saw this post on Whipstich about how she (also) hadn't got round to making her calendar and was therefore having a sew-along - I was hooked.

So from now until the 24th I'm going to try to make something for my advent calendar everyday.

Here is a bit of a rough sketch of how it will work - the 'dots' will all be buttons with a number sewn next to them. Then I'll make little ornaments to hang on each one. The bit at the bottom will be a 'bag' where they can all live next year until it's their turn. It's somewhat inspired by this idea from inchmark. What do you think?

Here is my first decoration. It's a letter to Santa :) I'm quite pleased with it. My embroidery is not so amazing but the envelope actually opens and it has a little letter inside.

Hopefully I'll have time soon to make the backing as well or they might all end up pinned to the curtains. eep.

1 down 23 to go. What shall I make tomorrow? 


  1. So cute! Embroidery is really hard, but yours look so well done!

  2. that´s really cute!
    love your challenge, it´s always great to get creative at least once a day, even if it´s just some cute and tiny furball :D