Mango macaron in the wild

23.3.11 - 23:46
shhh. If you're very lucky you might see a macaron in its natural habitat.

My second attempt at the Italian meringue method of macaron creation went a bit better than the first. I wanted to try something a bit different this time, so I went for pink shells with a mango filling. I made my own recipe for the filling so I was pleased it turn out okay. It's not the greatest colour, but it tastes good.

I made them a bit thinner this time and let them dry properly before baking them. I also only cooked one tray at a time. They are so temperamental!


  1. I will always -let me say FOREVER- remember ra's wild macarons! lol this first pic is amazing!

  2. ha ha. Thanks. I want to take some more of them in 'the wild'. Maybe some different locations?

  3. haha the wild macaron is amazing :D

  4. they look so yummy :3 and lol at the first picture XD