New project: wedding bolero prototype

8.5.11 - 14:10

Yes, a new sewing project! Wow it's been a long time. I suppose I've had less reason to sew recently but with the wedding planning getting going again I was inspired to start something new.

It's quite exciting actually. I've chosen my wedding dress, I can't show you because it's a surprise, but it's very cool. I did originally think that I might make my own dress, but I'm glad I changed my mind. It's much less stressful to know I can leave that up to someone else.

I do want to make some things though. It seems silly not to use my skills and also it adds a more personal element, knowing you've put work into creating something. Since we are getting married in October I thought a jacket might be in order in case it's chilly. You never know with the weather in this country, it might be a bright autumn day or a dark winter one.

So here it is - a prototype for a wedding bolero/shrug type thing. I started off with New Look pattern 6507. I changed the shape of the front quite a lot and made it shorter. I also thought about maybe making the top of the sleeves a bit puffier? I've been very good and transferred my changes back to my paper pattern for when I make the real thing.

The final one will probably be a different colour so I'll need to find some more lace or create a ruffle for the edge. It's a shame really as that one works nicely!

What do you think?


  1. aww you will be so pretty in a wedding dress! actually i am not good with patterns, because i am just learning how to sew ^^. is your dress loli inspired?

  2. When you are starting out, patterns can be very helpful - if you want to sew that exact thing. Otherwise it can get a bit complicated!

    I wouldn't say it's loli inspired, a gothic edge, maybe...

  3. Omgsh :3 that is so pretty! It's one of the prettiest things I've seen! Nice job so far ^_^

  4. Looks great, I love the pattern ^^

  5. Very pretty. Looks as if you did a very good job. :)
    So nice to be able to sew like that, especially with lace as it is difficult to work with.
    I don't sew, I embellish my things by hand and just spent three evenings doing lace inserts on cut out flowers on a marked down cheap ish white sort of Loli top. I want to sew though. Found you via Tokyo Rebel and it's a good idea to have a bolero, your weather sounds like where I am.