Wedding plans

2.9.11 - 10:00
Well hello! I've not been around as much as usual lately as I've been kinda busy with wedding stuff. It seems to take up a lot of my time. Actually thats not -technically- true. It takes up a lot of the time I would normally be blogging or making disasterous recipes.

Some of it has been a lot of fun - I've been making things. Lots of things. Some of them are really easy to do and look cool - like these hearts. I found the tutorial for them over here. I think they make nice decorations even if you're not getting married. I've got a couple strung up in our bedroom which are very pretty.

Some of the other things have been really difficult or taken ages. Mainly is because I had to multiply them by the number guests we have invited!

I'll show you some more after the event, I want everything to be a surprise for people on the day,


  1. i love the heart and thanks for the link :)

  2. These are super cute! Good luck with the wedding. I'm half-heartedly planning my own for after I graduate college (2-3 years from now). I hope I remember these lovely hearts. <3

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  5. TempestinaTeapot5 June 2012 at 02:09

    Those are adorable! My own wedding is next year, and I've already earmarked a big portion of the budget to a proximity-sensitive LED wedding dress and groom's accessories, so everything else needs to cute and cheap!