New camera - Instax Neo Classic mini 90

25.10.13 - 18:27
Another reason I was excited about going to Japan was the release of this new Instax camera. I love my 'polaroid' camera. It's fun but it has extremely limited features. This new one has much more control. Just being able to turn the flash off it is real bonus. Plus it looks dead cool.

I don't think it'll be coming out in the US or the UK for a few months, so here are a few pictures if you are interested.

Here is the website: Instax Neo Classic mini 90
Now there is an English version too: Instax Neo Classic Mini 90
I took a few shots whilst we were on holiday and I got an extra pack of film for practising with. I've tried out a few some of it's great new features including:

Timer which is genius. Though it is fun getting strangers to take you picture. Everyone smiles when they see its an instant picture :)

Macro very pleased with this one. I like to take pictures of 'things' and being 60cm away was too far with my old instax. Very useful.

Party this is ace. Apart from a party is exactly where I want to take this kind of camera, the pictures come out better than the iphone. This is because the flash comes on 'later' in the photo - it means you don't get that super bright person in the foreground and a really dark background.

Bulb fun for taking light pictures but you can't hold it down very long.

Lighter/darker is difficult to judge before you've taken a picture and often you don't get a second chance!

Double exposure fun but can easily be over exposed.

Landscape okay, I've not tried this one yet.

It's about 100 times quieter. Switching my old instax camera on in public is a little embarrassing. haha

I also got a pack of Halloween themed film which, although I'm not sure we're going anywhere special this year, I couldn't resist.

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