Books, book, books

8.12.13 - 16:00
Let's talk about books.
I'm a big fan of reading. I find that I am transported to the world described in the story much more thoroughly than whilst watching films. I'm not reading the words on the page anymore, I'm actually there seeing everything happen. Until there is a typo. It feels like:

* * * TYPO * * *

Have you ever done that? Come across a spelling mistake in a book? I find it very jarring. I am yanked out of that world instantly and find myself looking a page. I wonder if that's why some people don't enjoy reading? Maybe it feels like hitting a typo... all... the ... time. If you never get into the flow I can see that reading a whole book would seem like a drag.

We've recently had a bit of a clear out. Our shelves were full, no, our whole house was full. of stuff. so we had to get rid of the things we weren't using and that meant a lot of books. Mainly books that we had read and probably wouldn't read again, or about things in which we are no longer interested.

It's sad parting with books. But many are hopefully finding new homes. We sent some to Amazon's trade-in programme and got some gift cards. Some went to charity and I gave a few to people at my work. The rest went to our local recycling centre where they will either be rescued or pulped to make more books.