10 Ways to keep up with your December album

13.12.14 - 10:00

Isn't December just flying by? Every year I forget how fast it goes once you're into the month. Case in point -  the other day I watched
Polar Express as I didn't want to watch one of my real favourite Christmas films as it's not near enough to Christmas. This is silly. I'll never have time to watch them all. I should start in November. (I always watch the full set of Harry Potter in November). Or just get on with it.

This is how I now deal with my December Daily. Just get on with it. I try not to worry too much if something better is going to happen or if there will be a better place for a certain card or embellishment.

'Keeping up' with it seems to be the main reason for people not completing their albums, not enjoying it or not doing it again. How do you 'keep up' during the madness? Here are some ideas.

1. Don't do as many pages
Have you seen Wilna Furstenburg's album this year? It's lovely.  She only does 12 days, and not in a row, she choses to do every few days. This way she has less work to do and can spend a bit more time on the Christmas -y stories without having to find 'filler' (some days are just not festive right?).

2. Use pocket pages
This year I've found it super fast. Photo, photo, photo, write some words, done.

3. Print your photos at home
This might not be an option for you, but if you have a Selphy (or similar) get it set up with plenty of paper and send your photos to print at the end of the day. I like to edit mine (on the iphone) with PicTapGo, put the layouts together with PicFrame (pro) and them print wirelessly with the Cannon app.

4. Make a small album
I wasn't very well last year. I didn't have much energy to spare but I wanted to record the season. (Not that I did much, but I wanted to keep the magic). So I made an album that would take one Instagram photo a day and one one 3x4 journalling card.

5. Choose a more journal based idea
Shimelle's Journal your Christmas is less about craft and more about magic. You could write a few words in bed each night or first thing if you're that way inclined (I am not).

6. Be SUPER prepared
If you love love love Christmas and get excited way before December this might be the option for you - get everything set up for each day with the number etc and leave a gap to stick in the picture/words whatever you like to add.

7. Be not prepared at all
Leave it to total randomness. Pick a card with your eyes shut or let your budgie chose. Less choices means less stress and more time for other things.

8. Set aside a block of time
If you do want to do pages daily - finding a regular time you can work on it is useful. Do you want to get up 20 minutes early? Do you want to use your lunch hour? Can you do it whilst your dinner cooks? Only you know when you really have time. I know I can print photos at night, but I won't have time to put a page together - especially if I've been out.

9. Make a planner instead
Try recording what you are planning to do. If you are busy I bet you've got a calendar already. Leave enough room for a photo and voila! December is recorded. Check out the bullet journal system.

10. Do you even want to keep up?
It's not obligatory! You could do a few days at a time or sit down after christmas and put the pictures in if thats when you have spare time. Between Christmas and New Year is usually a bit quieter for us so I try and finish it then. Otherwise I'll print the pictures and decorate it next year when I feel festive again!

Merry Christmas album everyone!