A day out shopping

12.3.08 - 23:02
Yesterday I went on a little adventure to find some more fabric shops as the one I usually use is a bit limited. I went to a Fabric Warehouse but the most part of the space was taken up by curtain fabrics. I did however find a nice purple needlecord which I am thinking might make a good winter skirt. Then I went to an indoor market, where one of the stalls had an excellent selection. I got some really great grey courdroy for my coat, and it was on offer at £3.99 a metre!

I also saw these fabrics in a department store. The strawberry one would be great as a skirt but it was a bit expensive at £14 a metre. The white one with the ribbon through it looks like an excellent choice for a blouse, but I think from past experience it might be difficult to work with due to the pattern repeat.
These on the other hand would be lovely for a more country look and a bit more affordable at £5 a metre. In the market they also had red or white material with big musical notes printed all over it. I think it would probably work, but it would be a less than subtle effect...