Making Sock Toppers and Wrist Cuffs

10.8.08 - 15:24

This week I haven't been able to use my machine so I thought I'd see what I could make using only hand sewing. As you can see that was some sock toppers or garters (what ever you want to call them) I think these are a great alternative to expensive brand socks and you can customise them to your style.

They were pretty easy to make too. If you want to make something similar, here's what you'll need:

Lace - make sure you choose some nice quality lace, I've used the cotton kind.
A piece of 5mm wide elastic and maybe some ribbon or other decoration.
A safety pin will also be useful.

I used 4 different designs of lace 1m of each -
1. The top edge
2. The middle frills
3. Eyelet lace with ribbon
4.The bottom edge

(5. Matching ribbon 1.5-2m)

First cut two 50cm pieces of each lace. Then sew the edges of the top and bottom pieces together making two extra wide pieces of lace, these are the back of the sock topper.

Next sew the middle frill design down the centre of each piece.

Then sew the eyelet lace on top - making sure to sew down each side creating a channel between this layer and the one below. This is where you will put your elastic.

Cut two pieces of elastic that will fit around your calf when slightly stretched and that will still stretch over your foot. You can check this by pinning the ends together with the safety pin and trying it on. Is it comfortable? You don't want it to dig in to your skin - but if its too loose it won't stay up!

Next pin one end of your elastic onto the safety pin and thread it through the channel between the lace. The lace will ruffle up as the elastic is shorter than the lace. Make sure you keep hold of the other end of the lace!

Sew the ends of the elastic together securely. Then finish off by neatly sewing the raw lace edges together on the inside.

Done! You can make wrist cuffs in exactly the same way - you just use slightly shorter lengths since your wrists are probably thinner than your knees!!


  1. These look really nice. But I have a really silly question. Where dos the safety pin go?
    Thank you

  2. The safety pin doesn't end up in the final thing its just to help you try on the elastic and thread it through the casing. Then you can put it away for next time!

  3. do these help your socks stay up? would they work for thigh-high stockings?

    LOVE your tutorials. Just read through your whole site in one LONG sitting. Keep it up pretty lady!

  4. Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    In answer to your questions: I suppose it depends how tight you make the elastic. My knee high socks seem to stay up fine.

    I've not tried them with over-the-knee socks, they'd probably need to be a bit bigger but I don't see why it shouldn't work.

    Suspenders (garter belt in the US?) are probably best for anything higher than that!

  5. These look so cute! But is it possible to make these with only one kind of eyelet lace instead of the 4 different laces?
    Also, slightly OT, but I have the same shoes as you in the photo! But I can't wear them without the ugly ankle strap that I despise x__x just can't walk in them, how do you manage?

  6. Hi, I'm talking about this kind of eyelet lace:

    which has ribbon through it?
    You could sew two pieces togther and make a channel but I can't really see that making a great wrist cuff :\

    If you meant something more like this:

    you could fold the top over twice and hem it - then thread your elastic through there and make a cuff that way. Maybe sew a ribbon bow on the top afterwards?

    About shoes - I don't wear them much as they are a bit sweet for me! But I've never worn them with the ankle straps because I don't like them either. he he

  7. What a wonderful and simple idea!

  8. umm how would you do this using JUST ribbon? im not too fond of lace.

  9. ive scanned through this tutorial so many times and i didnt think i could make sense of it with out pictures but after reading it CAFEFULLY i understand it. I can't believe its taken me so long :( I wish i wasnt so impatient XD

  10. I think I was probably more impatient for not adding more pictures! You wouldn't need a tutorial for these anyway - you have ace sewing skillz.

  11. Hi there!! I'm from wrist cuffs,I just love this,hand sewing is my past time hobby.

  12. This is so cute will be sure to use it.

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