School girl themed lolita

30.8.08 - 10:30
Since Meta released their school themed autumn collection, I've been thinking about making something along those lines.
So I set to work on this grey jsk. The fabric is quite heavy and it is fully lined with a lighter grey.

Its not quite finished yet - it needs hemming properly. I am thinking about attaching the hem to the lining. I'm not sure of the technical term.

I intend to coordinate it with a school style stripey blazer I got from new look and a white blouse. I'm not sure what sock would be best - white, black or grey.

I've also done a cute little tie to go with it. These are really easy to do (you can hand sew them) - and can be made with the scraps left over from cutting the dress.
I've added a little brooch on this one.

I've made a couple of variations and I'm going to post up a little tutorial with the pattern I made as soon as I have time!


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  2. Cute dress! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished!

  3. Very cute! How is your tie fastened on? It doesn't look like it goes around the neck, is that right?

  4. Actually its on ribbon that goes around the neck and ties in a bow at the back. I was going to put a piece of velcro on there, but its quite useful to be able to adjust it for different blouses.

    I must get round to doing the tutorial for it!