New project: Pink lolita coat

19.10.09 - 20:52
It's that time of year again when we start thinking about winter coats. I know I've got a perfectly good coat from last year, but it's not really a lolita shape... I think this is a perfectly good excuse to have another go at making a lolita style winter coat. I might actually finish this one!

So here is a quick 'in progress' shot. I drafted the pattern myself - its quite similar to a dress block but it has a little less waist shaping and is a bit bigger so you can fit a nice warm cardigan underneath. It's going to have a double breasted front. (Though I think I've got it fastening the wrong way in the photo!) The main parts are sewn together but the collar and hem are just pinned so far.


  1. Looks fantastic, in both shape and color!

  2. It has to be difficult to make a lolita coat, good luck!

  3. The loli coat project looks terrific, Ra! Are you going to line it, if so what will you use? Do you have buttons yet? Will you use any other trims? Can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  4. Thanks everyone! :)

    @Lynne - I'm giving it a shiny grey lining, not sure about buttons and trims yet, I might use those ones you cover in fabric.

  5. I know its gonna turn out beautiful! The hemmings are going to be straight or wavy? Im curious already!