Overdress/waistcoat - finished

11.10.09 - 13:05
This week I've finished the waistcoat that goes with my three tier skirt. I changed the design a bit so it's a bit more like a tailcoat - except it's still a skirt at the back.
I've also got a blouse that matches! No I didn't make that one, its actually from Baby. I think I still need to make a tie or something to go with it, maybe a very thin bow?
Anyway, I'm pleased with the way it looks, though it's not especially flattering on. I might make another one at some point and make the front extend down further. I'd like to make it from better fabric, maybe something a bit thicker and also put some lacing at the back as the mid section seems to be really calling out for it on this picture.


  1. Well thisis just lovely! I dream of dressing like this everyday! You're like, my new hero for making this...

    I just found your blog...and I'm in love :)


  2. ooh i love the bssb blouse *drool*

    ur really talented ^^

  3. This turned out great! How is it not flattering? Tailcoat = win.

  4. @Lenore - Thanks! Glad you like it. Do you sew yourself?

    @Naka - ha ha, I love it too. I got it in a lucky pack swap.

    @Chrissy - Ta. I don't know, I makes me look kinda wide in the middle :o

  5. gorgeous blog! wow, this is amazing!

  6. This is so gorgeous! I love the white and black starkness... creates such an art deco look :)

  7. I love the way you finished it! Its lovely indeed!
    I liked the front better without the straight parts, the back is amazing!
    Congrats, its lovely!

  8. Ra-chan, I dont know if you are interested but, I just posted some links that have great pattern books on amigurumi, if you want to start making I would recommend you take a look. I found some GLB too, *_* bless the internet
    Hope it helps!!!

  9. ooooh this is gorgeous!! really
    i know i know... i saw it too late, it's almost february!! but i was only browsing your blog since i've discovered it a few weeks ago ^^U