Couture Sewing Techniques book

2.1.10 - 17:10
This is one of the books I got for Christmas. Although it's called Couture Sewing Techniques I actually found it a great introduction to the idea of couture in general.

For example, did you know that Haute Couture garments are pretty much all hand sewn? That really made me think. I always assumed you needed a machine to make clothes properly but you would actually have a lot more control sewing by hand.

The book explains the process that couture houses go through to fit clothes for each client - usually making a totally new pattern to flatter the individual figure! Then the author shows lots of useful techniques starting with hand sewing stitches and going on to different hems, bindings and fastenings.

I thought one of the most useful sections was about facings and backings and how they are used to keep the item in shape. This isn't really mentioned in most sewing technique books apart from a little bit about interfacing.

It does feel a little old-fashioned in places. Mainly I imagine because couture is now such a small industry most of the examples are historical and a lot of the clothes shown are kinda ugly not so inspirational.

I do like that this book has been written with home sewers in mind though. Everything is explained and there are photographs and diagrams where required. It's easy to see where you would be able to apply the techniques to your own work - even if it's not totally hand sewn.


  1. I'm always tempted to buy book like this, but I normally give up reading. Most of the books I have to help with sewing are all writing though. I did get a 'complete dressmaker' book, but it was kinda more on how to design clothes to flatter u than how to make them.

    great review any how I hate hand sewing except embroidery >.<

    sorry for the long comment and thanks for the recommendation :3

    hope you had a great new year :3

  2. Haha, I have this book and have to agree with you about the garments that are used to demonstrate, even I am put off by them and I'm a good bit older than you. ^_^ Still, I think it's got some good explanations of technique and is worth owning. What else did you get for gifts?

  3. Love such books, always great to have them ^^
    Why are this books always so expensive? @___@

  4. there's a free pattern that could be turned into lolita: http://www.burdafashion.com/en/Downloads/Free/1333669-1413206-1475414.html

    just thought you'd like to know (:

  5. Thanks tanaya, that's a cute set.