Pictures, snow and inappropriate shoes

10.1.10 - 17:24
I decided to try out my coat in the snow!I don't usually do pictures like this but then we don't usually have snow like this.
I didn't know if my coat would be warm enough, but it was fine.
My main problem was lack of appropriate footwear.

I do actually have some very warm gloves and boots but they are both black and I didn't want to spoil the look. They do match my hair better though!

Thanks to my lovely fiance for being my photographer and standing out in the cold while I messed about.

Model: me (with chilly feet) Photo man: Fiance Clothes: Beret & Brooch - Primark, Coat - made by me, Blouse - Baby, Skirt - made by me, Tights - bargain from TK Maxx, Shoes - one of those replica places.


  1. loving the skirt and coat
    great photos :3

  2. You look really nice. Love the coat, and the beret!

  3. Aren't you cute!!! That coat is a win. Snow looks beautiful! It's 38 degrees celcius here today!

  4. Just found your blog, shall be following and feeling lazy about my own lack of sewing lately :)

  5. oh wow that pink coat is beautiful !

    very cute post and lovely blog :) !

  6. I love keep reading your blog and have to thank you for the awsome tips on lolita-sewing!!!

    Your coat is kawaii and you´re looking gorgeous in the snow with rosé!

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I've been a bit un-motivated this month but hopefully I'll get more done as the weather gets nicer :)